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Momager™ Playshop®

Time: Visit our blog for dates and times:
Location:  Chateau Elan
Cost: $49 – $59

Reserve today: Advanced seating for 40 lucky women

Come ‘play’ and learn with this international speaker, author and Momager™ Club Founder! Christine’s best-selling work, The Momager™ Guide: Empowering Moms To Leave A Loving Legacy is the catalyst for this event. As a leadership and life balancing expert, she offers fun, inspiring and practical programs. The wife and proud of mom of three has appeared on many TV & radio shows world wide including CNN Money & Fox News.

» Fun time of learning, renewal and personal development.
» Lead your life and family confidently.
» Better life balance.

momager club




Momager™ Club

You are about to take the 1st step toward achieving YOUR purpose and joyful life.

No longer will you feel overwhelmed, too busy taking care of stuff and missing out on living life your way. Starting now, you will create more time to do what’s most important, while effectively managing your kids, home, relationships and work. We will educate, encourage and celebrate you, as you become the best you can be. Life is too short to play small.

It’s your time to SHINE!

Momager® Club Basic Membership-$9.95 month or $97/year


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all 5 courses

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America's Momager™ Teleseminar Series

Encouraging Love, good behavior, and balance.

An Interactive Tele-Seminar Series to Help You Grow in Family and Business Leadership.

If you're a Mom who would like to grow in balance, leadership and take your family to a higher level, you'll want to join Christine Martinello as she offers a live, five-week tele-conferencing series entitled, Momagers Rule! – Living a life with purpose and balance.”    Each week, she will share her tips and tools to help you make a greater impact, bring more balance to your life, get your family working together and position yourself as a Momager.  

Time: Five Seminars - one hour each
Tuition:  ONLY $89 each or 349.00 for all five seminars
Plus:  Complimentary audio downloads of each seminar

(By the way, therapy is $125+/ hour.  This is a lot less & better results) 

The Momager™ Guide:
Empowering Moms To Leave a Loving Legacy

The Momager(Mom and Manager) Guide transforms mothers to develop leadership skills and unleash our full potential at work, at home, and in the community. Filled with advice on everything from building a strong family team, (who really are these people?) to finding meaning in the taxi shuttles (organization skills), to balancing our lives (yes, it's possible).

Hard Cover $25.95

Paperback $14.95

“Christine enlightens and empowers women today in their busy, hectic lives. She invites you to ask yourself: "What legacy do I want to leave behind?" This information will help you develop the skills and tools to make your legacy happen.”

Mary Halfman, K107.1FM WFON, Milwaukee, WI

Live & Lead with VICTORY

Is it time to live and lead your life at a greater level of passion and empowerment? The Victory© leadership skills are your keys to greater success at work and home. Learn how to: V-vision, I-influencially communicate, C-change, T-teambuild, O-organize and balance your life, R-resolve problems, and know Y-You’re incredibly valuable! Perfect for any one who wants to influence and lead effectively.

CD $17.00

DVD $30.00


“Christine totally gets it! She understands the busy life of a mom balancing her family, faith, and work. And she understands how to help her get through it all. She is fun and really connects."

Amanda Carroll
KSBJ-Houston, TX

Balancing Life

Ok mom -- I totally understand. Having three kids in three and a half years and moving twice when I was 8 months pregnant, I know how hairy, frustrating and overwhelming motherhood can be. Our choices are to either scream and complain daily or pull ourselves together. If you choose sanity and are ready to give up the guilt, get this series. You will learn how to make the most of your mothering and life in this informative, fun session filled with inspiration and hope.

CD $17.00

DVD $30.00


“Thanks again for the great workshop. I can't wait to try the new ideas and put up the sign up sheet! What a great way to take the load off one person & create some family fun at the same time :)

Daina Levine, Owner-Jenna Claire Handbags

Holiday 9-1-1: Managing the Holidays

If you want everyone organized, happy, and willing to take some of the load off you this holiday, this message is for you. Awesome education gift for every woman.


CD $17.00

DVD $30.00